The seed of TK Mat Inc had been started as a small devision of a company which would like to develop very pre-cise PVA brushes. At that time, there was no company who can meet the precise requirement of LCD/ FPD manufacurers in Korea. All of the high-quality PVA products had been imported from Japan or USA.

Thru real endevors of our technical team, we had finally devel- oped

  • 1. the technique to control the OD of Long PVA rollerwithin 0.5mm allowance,
  • 2. add other techniques enabling Embossing (Nodule), Diamond (Lattice), or Spiral shape of the surface of PVA roller.
  • 3. With these distinctive techniques, we became the only com-pany who meets all of the requirement and produces the leading-edge products for our local and foreign cutomers.

To meet the criteria of Semiconductor Post-CMP industries, we had launched a separate research team and succeeded to develop Korean PVA Nodule brush. Thru these advances, Korean Semiconductors and foundries are able to purchase local product for their lines. We proudly announce the "PVA Nodule Brush" from TK Mat Inc had meet all of the criteria of the lowest Nano(copper) line usages.

Now we are going one step forward.

We are committed to maintain our leading-edge technique in the area of wet cleaning application solution by reasarch and development activities.

Our foremost goal is to meet "the customer satisfaction"and we will do our best to meet our goals.

Thank you.

TK Mat Inc. C.E.O.